Transportation & Logistics


We partner with clients across the entire supply chain to modernize and streamline operations, helping to drive value in an increasingly customer experience-focused environment. 

Whether by ocean, air, or on-highway, the basic formula for sustainable success in Transportation & Logistics is the same – keep capital assets moving, prioritize free cash flow, and invest in technologies that help sharpen your competitive edge.


EBITDA improvement from contract renegotiations at $250M critical logistics operator


Reduction in warehouse space occupied by $400M packaging distributor


Restructuring of $1B Jones Act shipper

MERU Industry Case Experience

Select case studies highlighting our experience in Transportation & Logistics.

Upstream, ocean freight rates have surged due to the impact from COVID-19 on supply chains, putting pressure on companies to even find space on vessels, much less affordable space. Freight forwarders are being pressed to juggle the uncertainties of specific industries and take on additional risks to provide efficient and reliable shipping options to stay competitive.

Downstream, supply chains have been further complicated by the onset of the express delivery age. Customer convenience is the new king and the expectation for transparent, on-time deliveries is compelling businesses to team up with tech-forward, third-party service providers for cost-effective storage, fulfillment, and last-mile distribution.

No matter how far upstream, or downstream, we partner with clients across the entire supply chain to modernize and streamline operations to help drive value in an increasingly customer experience-focused environment. The MERU team and network of leading industry experts have proven experience helping Transportation & Logistics organizations navigate both external and internal challenges to better enable key drivers of performance.

A selection of our Strategic Partners with deep experience in Transportation & Logistics

  • Former Transportation Director, $1.5B CPG company
  • Former CFO, $250M truckload carrier
  • Warehouse & logistics expert, global Big 3 consultancy
  • And many more...