Performance Improvement


MERU helps companies identify and achieve their full potential by leveraging a practical, value-focused approach to driving sustainable bottom-line impact.

Our people pride themselves on helping clients reach their full potential, we do this by combining our performance improvement expertise with the ideas and experiences of your employees, the ones who know your business inside-out. Our team will bring ideas and approaches from their experiences at some of the world's leading professional services  firms to identify the full value on offer. We then work with management to agree upon the best approach to deliver the results, we are not interested in mandating approaches, we will use what makes the most sense leveraging our best practices as well as those of the client.

MERU prioritizes helping companies recognize and achieve their full potential by leveraging a practical, value-focused approach to driving sustainable bottom-line impact, focused exclusively on the middle-market. Key elements of our approach towards unlocking performance:

  • MERU 360° Assessment: Deep dive into the 8 key levers driving top-line growth, cost optimization and balance sheet resilience
  • Transformation Plan Development: Detailed roadmap, built up initiative by initiative, to unlocking the goals of a transformation
  • Chief Transformation Officer: A seasoned transformation leader, fully integrated into the client team, charged with delivering on the transformation
  • Cash Cycle and Working Capital Optimization: Sharpening the focus on working capital, and driving a 'cash mindset' throughout the organization, to free up capital to invest in growth or to pay down debt
  • Implementation Performance Management: Establishing a rigorous performance management infrastructure based on transparency and accountability to strengthen the execution muscle and deliver impact

Every company faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities, but these often fall into similar themes: integrating acquisitions; measuring the right KPIs; leveraging best practices across the enterprise; and more. At MERU, we work alongside our clients, combining their knowledge of the business with our performance improvement experience and industry expertise to deliver bottom-line results. We embed the capabilities, systems, and tools within the company so their employees can continue to identify, prioritize, and deliver sustainable results.

Performance Improvement Practice

Representative Case Studies


Discount Retailer
$15M in EBITDA and $20M in working capital improvement


Consumer Packaging Distributor
$10M in EBITDA opportunity identified and implemented


Specialty Paper Manufacturer
$15M in working capital improvement and $3M in logistics savings