Agriculture & Food


Despite dramatically higher yields, increasing pricing pressures continue to force producers and processors to sharpen their focus on cost containment and improved productivity.

Rapid advances in technology have transformed the Agriculture & Food industries. The impacts of industrialization, mechanization, automation, and genetic engineering have dramatically increased production yields and reduced labor over time. As one example, US corn yields as measured in bushels per acre have increased by 50% over the past 30 years. However, pricing pressure, driven by consolidation within the grocery and supermarket segment, continues to lead producers and processors to aggressively manage costs and remain focused on driving improvements in productivity.


EBIT improvement in 6 months from better customer segmentation and sales force effectiveness techniques at a farming products supplier


Reduction in operating costs during a 15-month performance program for an agricultural producer


Realized plant integration cost synergies for a meat processor

MERU Industry Case Experience

Select case studies highlighting our experience in Agriculture & Food.

Doing more with less has become the new reality for food producers, increasing their reliance on accurate and actionable data analysis. The use of cloud-based tools allows for tracking, management, and maximization of crop yields and forecast yield sizes, wastes, and revenues is common throughout the industries. We work with clients to optimize sales channels, streamline supply chain and expand fulfillment capabilities, develop the digital analytics necessary to accurately forecast yield and revenue, and to drive greater productivity and operational efficiencies.

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  • Former senior operations executive, Conagra
  • Supply Chain Expert, numerous global food retailers
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