Josh Davis, Partner

Josh has earned a strong reputation for his ability to assess potential acquisition opportunities, lead complex integrations and improve client portfolio companies. He has expertise across industries, including Retail & Consumer, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Mining and Hospitality.

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Role and Impact
Home Furnishings Manufacturer

Led a team that delivered $25M in annualized benefits by merging two PE owned companies over a 9-month period. Benefits resulted from an organizational redesign, SKU optimization, supply chain consolidation and a new management operating system.

Hospitality Products Supplier

Led a team that identified $9M in annualized benefits by merging two PE owned companies. Opportunities included back-office process optimization, organizational redesign and an operational footprint redesign, including increased utilization of existing warehouse facilities.

Home Goods Distributor

Led a team that identified $10M in annualized savings by reconfiguring the distribution network, consolidating the supplier base, and optimizing back-office systems & supporting processes.

Home Goods Manufacturer

Led a team that identified $12M in annualized savings by redesigning the organizational structure and consolidating three operating facilities into a new location for a proposed carveout integration. Provided interim leadership during the transition period.

Fashion Retailer

Identified 20% reduction in corporate overhead costs by eliminating non-essential spend, redesigning organizational structure, and consolidating indirect spend supplier base.

Building Materials Manufacturer

Led a team that delivered $7.5M of annualized EBITDA gains by developing a new customer segmentation model with tiered service levels, simplifying the sales & operations planning system and increasing back-office productivity.

Electrical Components Manufacturer

Led a team that delivered $2.5M in EBITDA gains by redesigning the customer segmentation model, introducing new sales incentives, and new production planning procedure to align sales, engineering and production.

Dairy Processor

Led a team that delivered $14M of annualized EBITDA gains in 6-months by addressing primary value levers, including an OEE increase from 49% to 74%, consolidating supplier contracts and SKU optimization.

Methanol Plant Construction Project

Led a team that increased frontline productivity by 35% by designing and embedding a performance improvement program that focused stakeholders on work package readiness, work rate and critical path management.

Regulated Gas Utility

Led a team that delivered $6M in annualized cost savings by improving technician productivity by 20% to eliminate overtime, consolidating supplier spend, and reducing consumable expenditure by implementing a frontline management system.

Mining Services

Led a global team that delivered $25M of EBITDA gains by improving asset performance by 10-25% for 500+ mining service assets. The improvement was targeted at frontline performance with benefits including increased run time, overtime reduction and reduced operating costs.

Industrial Fleet

Delivered $4.5M in EBITDA by eliminating breakdowns by 23% through improve maintenance planning, prioritization and performance management


Identified $10.5M in cost savings by improving labor productivity, renegotiating contractor service levels, and introduction of indirect cost controls.

Hospitality Services

Led a team that reduced labor costs by $3M in 3-months by optimizing truck routes, improved dispatch procedures, increased labor productivity and revised labor planning processes.

Advertising Services

Delivered $2.5M in cost savings by redesigning the sales incentive model, re-negotiating sales contracts and a rapid sourcing program for indirect spend.

Josh Davis
New York