Strategic Partners


How We Do It

We have built a network of over a hundred industry and functional subject matter experts, all with proven track records of success in their respective industry verticals. Our Strategic Partners have sat in the same seats and have firsthand experience overcoming many of the same challenges that our clients face every day.

Industry Expertise

Our experts have spent decades of experience across a wide variety of industries. From satellite manufacturing to fashion retail, the breadth and depth of industries our experts represent is a significant advantage to our teams getting up to speed quickly on your business.

Functional Expertise

Our experts combine their industry pedigrees with deep knowledge of business functions. Take Eric, with 30 years of manufacturing experience implementing automation to improve yield and production, or Ian, who has designed hundreds of warehouses and optimized the layout and functionality of hundreds more. This functional expertise will unlock hidden value in your business.

Why It Works

Our Strategic Partners demonstrate the difference between ‘experience’ and ‘expertise’. Other firms will talk about their experience working across various industries; however, consulting on a topic does not make one an expert. True expertise is developed over time by running an organization, mastering the process, being accountable for making the tough decisions and owning the results.

Our Strategic Partners are an integral part of the MERU team and allow us to get up to speed quickly and focus on the areas of highest potential impact to rapidly identify and capture value that most generalists simply will not see.

Experience of our Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners consists of over 130 operational experts, with leadership experience spanning every major industry from Automotive to Transportation.

Strategic Partner Network

“Our strategic partners set us apart. We hear time and again from our clients that this depth of expertise doesn’t just stand out during proposal discussions, it helps the Board make better, more informed decisions about what really matters.”

- Kyle Sturgeon, Managing Partner