Our Values


At MERU, our core values are what define us as a firm and set us apart.

MERU employees are special people - they could work anywhere, yet they choose to work at MERU. 

One reason why is our shared core values. They define who we are, how we interact with each other and our clients, and focus our actions on striving for excellence and delivering amazing outcomes.

Our core values are fundamental to who we are as a firm. When we begin engagements, we share our core values with clients. We hold ourselves accountable to them and will use them as a compass in navigating tough decisions.

Our people are honest, trustworthy, sincere… and never satisfied with the status quo. We are dedicated to being your partner, not a consultant (a word our founders never use). We align our fees with successful outcomes, leverage our strengths by working together, and relentlessly pursue hidden value.

Our Values

Work with the best: We have exacting standards for our team.

Align with our clients:
We believe that close alignment and working hand-in-hand produces the best results.

Strive for excellence:
We are driven to reach our full potential and to help our clients reach theirs.

We are collaborative thought partners invested in your success.

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