Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing


Helping today’s leaders in innovation and the advancement of technology navigate an ever changing competitive landscape to achieve their visions of the future.

The Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing industries have long been responsible for the advancement of technology that changes the competitive landscape as we know it. As the world enters the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, organizations will be challenged to keep up with the pace of transformation required to compete in a rapidly changing competitive landscape. Opportunity for productivity increases across the manufacturing process can be limited by inability to scale, especially for small to medium sized businesses. MERU can provide timely recommendations to avoid the "pilot purgatory" phenomenon of initiatives failing to provide results outside of their initial launch


Cash flow improvement for a solar cell manufacturer


Reduction in lead times for an industrial manufacturer by redesigning the S&OP model


Recurring EBITDA improvement through manufacturing footprint optimization for an auto parts manufacturer

MERU Industry Case Experience

Select case studies highlighting our experience in Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing.

The Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing industries are leaders in innovation. Throughout history, the line between the present and the future has frequently been blurred by way of the trailblazing ideas launched in these crucial industries. Today is no different as we enter a new age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The solutions applied in this increasingly important sector will not only provide opportunity for increased value but will have a distinct role in shaping the future of humankind. Through the use of artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, advanced robotics, and other new technology, the world's leading companies are transforming their value chains from end to end.

MERU works collaboratively with management and leaders in the space to align pricing and costing models to new business processes catalyzed by new technology, while being a partner for managing the liquidity associated with the massive capital expenditure requirements of these industries.

A selection of our Strategic Partners with deep experience in Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing

  • Former VP, Global Manufacturing Engineering, General Motors
  • Former GM, $250M business unit, Orbital ATK
  • Former Operating President, Toyota North America
  • And many more...