Data Insights


MERU partners with clients to transform data from a liability into an asset. From automating manual reporting processes to leveraging predictive analytics, our team provides thoughtful and sustainable solutions to empower data driven decision making.

At MERU we believe that leveraging your data is no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute necessity to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world.

Our team of analytics experts from the world's leading professional services and technology firms provide management teams the tools needed to successfully make data driven decisions. Our team works with management to understand their data maturity and identify opportunities to automate processes and provide insight into areas that impact the bottom line. 

Where is your company on the data maturity curve?

It's always a good idea to regularly assess the state of your company's data maturity. Even if you think that your organization already has an effective data strategy in place, there is always room for improvement. We partner with clients to bring them up the data maturity curve.

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At MERU we understand the unique challenges facing the middle-market and use cutting edge business intelligence tools to create practical and maintainable solutions to drive rapid change in your organization. We achieve this through:

  • Data Discovery and Analysis: Analyze data across disparate sources to identify trends and opportunities for increased revenue and cost savings
  • Solution Development: Build analytics solutions to automate data integration, data visualization and leverage AI/ML to improve management teams’ decision making
  • Strategy and Enablement: Create a modern analytics roadmap and train users how to leverage their data using business intelligence tools, helping to transform companies into data driven organizations
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From sales to HR to marketing, modern organizations collect an extraordinary amount of data every day. Each byte of data collected represents a potential opportunity to uncover hidden business value. With our Data Insights expertise, we can help you realize the business value in your data.


Data Insights Practice

Representative Case Studies


IT Savings (Data Prep and Integration). Developed a solution that integrated data from a cloud data warehouse and an on-prem ERP system allowing for analysis and monitoring of critical KPIs, resulting in 15% IT savings.


In added revenue (Data Visualization and Reporting). Created a suite of dashboards which tracked the status of on-time and late shipments in real-time. The suite was used by warehouse managers and improved on-time ship rates from 85% to 99.9% resulting in approximately $10 million in added annual revenue.


Advised Financial Services Company (Strategy and Enablement). Evaluated different technologies and software and advised on a future state roadmap to enable self-service reporting for sales managers and other end users.