Energy, Power & Renewables


Regulation, social pressure and accelerating technological advances are fundamentally changing the way in which we are meeting the world’s ever-growing energy needs.

As wind and solar have scaled, renewables are now at a cost advantage and rapidly approaching half of all new capacity being installed. The intermittent nature of such resources continues to require the support of flexible gas-powered generation, while the demand for thermal coal will continue to decline at increasing rates as public and political pressures accelerate the shift to cleaner energy sources. While our reliance on fossil fuels will continue through the near and medium-terms, operators must be resolute in their focus on economic value, productivity, and cash flow to compete in this rapidly evolving environment.


 Improvement in system maintenance productivity for a $15B gas and electric utility


Cost takeout and productivity improvements for a $1.4B coal miner


Restructuring and sale of wind turbine component manufacturer / servicer

MERU Industry Case Experience

Select case studies highlighting our experience in Energy, Power & Renewables.

As growth rates continue to accelerate, evolving markets and increased competition mean successful operators must be relentlessly focused on an optimized value-chain, economies of scale, and developing a flexible operating model. We partner with clients to implement solutions focused on maximizing yield while minimizing costs, evaluating strategic development and OEM partnerships, and the implementation of digital tools to drive real-time operational transparency and agility.

A selection of our Strategic Partners with deep experience in Energy, Power & Renewables

  • Former VP Global Process Excellence, Global Energy Firm
  • Former CFO, Solar Materials Manufacturer
  • Former senior executive, Wood Mackenzie
  • And many more...