Retail & Consumer


As the rate of disruption accelerates, our deep Retail & Consumer experience helps lead companies to reimagine their businesses to reach customers in entirely new ways. 

Whether a big-box chain or eco-friendly apparel designer, premium glassware or cosmetics products business, the evolution of the Retail & Consumer ecosystem is relentless.

Consumers are demanding that retailer and consumer products businesses engage with them on their terms. They expect to be able to seamlessly switch between online, mobile, and brick and mortar channels to shop and have their purchases fulfilled where, when and however they want.  This push for integration requires advanced data-driven demand planning, supply chain and inventory management, a focused product mix, and a truly omnichannel customer experience.


EBITDA and $20M cash savings from redesigning the distribution infrastructure for $2B discount retailer in six weeks.


Sale of Business: Won TMA transaction of the year for leading a national clothing and equipment retailer through Chapter 11 process and private sale to a U.K. based specialty retailer.


EBITDA improvement for $1B specialty apparel retailer over 2 years.

MERU Industry Case Experience

Select case studies highlighting our experience in Retail & Consumer.

Empowered consumers now have access and insight into more brands and shopping channels than ever before. Social media allows marketing budgets to target specific audiences with ruthless efficiency and clever guerilla campaigns thrive within hours. Amazon has transformed online shopping forever.

We have also seen strong shifts in brand loyalty and purchasing behaviors. AI allows smarter demand planning and supply chain management. Millennials' obsession with aspirational lifestyles has created markets for renting anything, whether clothing or daily gym memberships.

As customer expectations around convenience and engagement continue to evolve, companies need to clearly understand their target customer (who they really are, not who they think they are!) and embrace an omnichannel experience to connect with those customers wherever and however they may prefer. Focusing on the core, rationalizing SKUs and optimizing supply chains can help to optimize working capital, improve product availability, and minimize fulfillment times, improving customer satisfaction and participation within a brand's ecosystem. MERU is working with companies across the Retail & Consumer spectrum to enhance customer experience, optimize supply-chain and expand fulfillment channels, introduce enhanced digital tools to improve demand planning and inventory management, and uncover value creation opportunities throughout their operations, from online to brick and mortar.



"Prior to MERU, we worked with two of the largest restructuring firms in the country. MERU blew the doors off. They provided real leadership, were incredibly responsive, and got things done. They were fantastic value for the money we paid."

- Acting CFO, $400M retailer


A selection of our Strategic Partners with deep experience in Retail & Consumer

  • Former VP of ecommerce, bluemercury
  • Former Chief Information Officer, Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Former C-level executive, PureBarre
  • And many more...