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As today’s rapidly evolving environment of new entrants and shifting consumer demand places greater pressure on margins, there is a heightened need for organizations to do more with less.

In today’s rapidly evolving and disruptive environment, new entrants, margin compression, and rising consumer demand are requiring organizations to do more with less. In order for organizations to be successful, it’s imperative that their operations support both the needs of the customer and the financial needs of the organization. The MERU team has extensive experience helping health organizations transform their operations and position themselves for sustained success.


 Reduction in annual labor costs for 15+ hospital system through improved daily nurse staffing


Realized revenue growth through improved pricing & sales strategy for a bio pharmaceutical company


Contribution margin improvement for a cancer center through operational improvements allowing for 20% growth in patient census

MERU's Industry Case Experience

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In recent years, the traditional physician office – hospital model of care has been significantly disrupted. Urgent care and retail health have exploded, big tech and more niche entrants are taking care digital, and the increasing vertical integration of major payers are shifting patient volume outside of the hospital and physician’s office into different settings of care.

These new competitive threats combined with downward reimbursement pressure and ever-increasing labor and supply costs are leading to significant financial challenges for many of today’s traditional health care providers. 

As customers continue to expect higher quality, more convenient, and more affordable care - organizations need to streamline their current operations to better manage costs and provide an offering that meets the value expectations or today’s consumer.

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