Construction & Real Estate


Increased competition, both domestically and from abroad, is forcing investors and developers to become more aggressive in order to capture required returns.

Growing competition for high-quality properties and projects is putting increasing pressure on returns for investors in Construction & Real Estate. Today, investors, developers, and operators are faced with a changing end-user base who demand improved environmental performance, complete operational transparency throughout the selection and execution phases, and the changing landscape caused by new business models resulting from digital technologies.


Under $10.5M annualized cost savings for a facilities management provider through Improved labor productivity, resource scheduling, and amendments to service levels


Under 30% increase in piping productivity in 3 months by implementing a frontline construction management system for a global construction firm


Under $10M NPV increases from optimizing the primary levers for a multi-purpose development, including a 15% reduction in capital expenditure and redesign of the space allocation

MERU Industry Case Experience

Select case studies highlighting our experience in Construction & Real Estate.

Returns on investment are becoming increasingly dependent upon the upfront selection process and the level of rigor applied during the diligence phase. Establishing and sticking with a disciplined approach to forecasting project returns and opportunities to enhance realized value enables investors to deploy capital more efficiently. Development teams are having to overcome the increasing complexities of today's project environment, from stringent regulatory approvals to shortages in skilled labor, to a growing number of stakeholders who require extensive governance systems. MERU works with investors and project teams to achieve their safety, quality, time, and cost targets, providing support and services around engineering productivity, contracting strategy, supply chain optimization, construction scheduling, and productivity reviews and commissioning planning.

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