Materials & Mining


From coal miners, to steel & paper manufacturers, to specialty converters, we understand the complexities of asset-heavy manufacturing. We have the experience and expertise to unlock value at every step of the way.

Dramatic demand shifts are forcing companies in the Materials & Mining industries to rethink their business as usual operating models to respond to growing financial pressures and eroding competitive dynamics.

Profitable growth is more difficult and elusive than ever before. Traditional approaches to deliver top and bottom-line results are no longer sufficient to combat larger competitors, shifting consumer preferences, and mounting financial pressures associated with labor cost, volatile raw material prices, or international trade reform. MERU specializes in helping individual or multi-site operators, from raw material suppliers to converters to end-users, rethink their business and operating models to unlock improvements to their bottom line.


Unlocked working capital upside through the implementation of extended payment terms and other contract renegotiations for a paper manufacturer


Reduction in SG&A for $3B industrial packaging manufacturer


Liabilities restructured for distressed subsidiary of global metals manufacturer

MERU Industry Case Experience

Select case studies highlighting our experience in Materials & Mining.

Uncertain economic conditions present a challenging environment for every organization operating across the Materials & Mining industry value chain. To combat growing financial pressures, established and new entrants to the industry are exhausting the limits of time-tested growth, profit, and cost cutting strategies such as consolidation, scale, segmentation concentration, and geographic expansion. Shifting macroeconomics and the outdated playbook being leveraged by most organizations is creating unsustainable industry demand and capacity dynamics, further fueling instability and uncertainty across mature and emerging sectors within the industry. Moreover, as consumer behaviors continue to shift (e.g. print vs. digital based consumption), conventional industry strategies and operating models are no longer sure bets to profitability.

Whether working on the front lines of a paper mill or in the boardroom of a specialty converter, we understand the materials and packing market across the entire value chain.


Aging mines, lengthy development timelines, and volatility in cyclical commodities are putting increased pressure on operators to enhance their focus on capital efficiency and productivity. To improve operations, margin, and cash flow, MERU works with clients to optimize material and equipment flow, enhance maintenance scheduling, reduce unplanned downtime, and implement lean principles and digitalization to improve throughput and overall performance management.


"MERU brought real expertise to the table. Without their involvement, we would not have put the company on the right path."

- CEO, Packaging Distributor


"Our transformation enabled us to extract significant value from our assets, processes, and people. The team not only challenged us to be better but helped to develop the skills in house to identify, capture and sustain bottom-line improvements, many of which we had been struggling to implement on our own."

- CFO Mining Operator


A selection of our Strategic Partners with deep experience in Materials & Mining

  • Former President of Georgia-Pacific Corrugated
  • Former General Counsel of Verso Corporation
  • Former VP of Mining Operations, Coal Producer
  • And many more...