Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing

Helping today’s leaders in innovation and the advancement of technology navigate an ever-changing competitive landscape to achieve their visions of the future.

Agriculture & Food

Despite dramatically higher yields, increasing pricing pressures continue to force producers and processors to sharpen their focus on cost containment and improved productivity.

Construction & Real Estate

Increased competition, both domestically and from abroad, is forcing investors and developers to become more aggressive in order to capture required returns.

Energy, Power & Renewables

Regulation, social pressure and accelerating technological advances are fundamentally changing the way in which we are meeting the world’s ever-growing energy needs.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

As today’s rapidly evolving environment of new entrants and shifting consumer demand places greater pressure on margins, there is a heightened need for organizations to do more with less.

Materials & Mining

From paper mills to specialty converters, we understand the entire value chain and have the experience and expertise to unlock value at every step of the way.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Shifting consumer preferences towards enhanced mobility, flexibility and premium services has traditional operators struggling to adapt as new entrants continue to disrupt the space.

Retail & Consumer

As the rate of disruption accelerates, our deep retail and consumer experience helps leading companies to reimagine their businesses to reach customers in entirely new ways.

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications

While change may not be anything new within the space, the pace of that change is rapidly accelerating forcing companies to become more agile in their operations and forward-looking strategies.

Transportation & Logistics

We partner with clients across the entire supply chain to modernize and streamline operations, helping to drive value in an increasingly customer experience-focused environment.