Blake Lueder, Director

Blake is a Director at MERU with extensive experience in cash flow and liquidity management in a variety of distressed and non-distressed contexts in a variety of industries. Former FTI Consulting, he has experience in corporate restructurings, turnarounds and process improvement across various industries including healthcare, retail, consumer beverages, and telecommunications.

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Alcoholic Beverage Production Company

Built weekly cash flow model and long-term liquidity forecast for Client that historically had no method of tracking cash, and made recommendations that empowered the Equity Sponsor to make strategic decisions during discussions with lenders, and identify key focus areas for negotiation. Instrumental in achieving a Credit Agreement Amendment that resulted in ~20% increase to liquidity, as well as a carve-out of a segment that allowed the sponsor to recoup its investment after 1 year.


Developed 3-statement model, maintained cash flow & liquidity model, and ran tactical liquidity meetings to help Company make informed decisions on cash use to maximize shareholder distributions and value. Supported CFO through day-to-day operations and a $250M Dividend Recapitalization, allowing sponsors to recoup full investment value in 2 years.


Created model to project interim and final relief requests for Critical Vendor Motion, 503(b)(9) claims, and lien claimants, successfully allocating over $100M for the client to use for these vendors. Prepared operational readiness material for Company’s Accounting/Finance/AP team and guided employees through necessary processes surrounding Company’s Ch. 11 filing. Lead initiative for identification of critical vendors for the Company and coordinated Trade Agreement process.

Healthcare Services

Lead filing preparation and court reporting initiatives for Company’s Chapter 11 filing (including but not limited to First Day Motions, Statement of Assets and Liabilities, Schedule of Financial Affairs, Monthly Operating Reports, etc.). Conducted diligence on assets to assist investment bank with asset valuation for various asset sales.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Created analysis to determine recovery to unsecured creditors, incorporating various scenarios on timing and income from 6 asset sales and 2 equity transactions. Developed cash flow model for a chain of 16 hospitals in bankruptcy for weekly reporting package submitted to lenders. Managed cash disbursements for hospital chain to ensure maintenance of net cash flow covenants associated with various loans. Performed diligence for investment bank and interested buyers to assist in 363 sales process of 16 hospitals.

Paper and Pulp Company

Conducted time & motion study for publicly traded Company to identify cost savings within its supply chain. Following the Company’s next earnings report, the stock price increased 21%, partially on news of cut costs identified by the study.


Blake Lueder is a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) charterholder.

Blake Lueder
New York