The Summit: Developing an Accurate Receipts Forecast


Receipts Forecasting Accuracy | Developing a granular receipts forecasting methodology based on working capital trends, customer profiles, and KPIs.

Forecasting weekly receipts accurately can be a difficult task for any business, especially a business with a large non-recurring customer base. This issue is magnified when a Company is suffering from a liquidity crisis and/or macroeconomic headwinds and may result in a need to access additional capital. Our experience shows that with the proper approach, understanding the timing and amount of
a liquidity shortfall can be determined in an adequate timeframe.

Today's Challenges

Many businesses, even mature businesses, have experienced liquidity crunches over the past three years due to various macroeconomic headwinds (e.g. COVID, interest rate changes, volatile supply chains, etc.). Many of these businesses are experiencing liquidity concerns for the first time and have limited experience in liquidity forecasting. Our expertise in liquidity forecasting allows Companies to properly plan for success and expansion.

Receipts Forecasting Priorities

Every company must collect revenue—and despite each company’s unique customer base and industry, we believe that taking a granular, bottoms-up approach leads to the most accurate forecast.

  • Historical Working Capital Trends
  • Cumulative Variance Analysis
  • Leverage KPI Reporting

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