The Summit: Rapid Business Model Assessment


Using rapid business model assessments to help management teams navigate their business thru the turbulent market conditions of 2020.

The events of 2020 have impacted middle-market companies in many ways. We have seen companies along the full spectrum of impact, from severe and continuing revenue declines to surging product demand leading to fulfillment challenges.

No matter the situation, leadership teams had to review their operating model and decide upon what changes, if any, they need to enact to survive, stabilize, and/or grow.

Today's Challenges & Issues

Regarding their business model, companies are faced with a range of questions, including:

  • Was our business model working before the events of 2020?
  • Have our competitors changed their business model? If so, is it impacting our business?
  • Does our business model provide us the flexibility to adjust to changes in our market?
  • Will our business model need to change to address the new realities of the market?
  • What in our business model created value historically, and is that still the case today?

After addressing those questions, leadership teams then look internally to understand the following:

  1. When was the last time we stepped back and assessed our business model objectively?
  2. Do we have the time, resources, capabilities, and objectivity to assess our business model candidly? Can we honestly identify opportunities?
  3. Do we have the time to complete an assessment of our business model?
  4. What is our track record of implementing changes to our business model?

Helping Our Clients

Over the last six months, and in as little as two weeks, MERU supported leadership teams to help answer these key questions relating to their business model:

  • Identify the value levers of the business model and the underlying performance drivers
  • Analyze historical performance to ascertain the health of the business model
  • Assess the effectiveness of key operating processes and systems
  • Assess the market dynamics, including an assessment of key competitors and potential disruptors
  • Develop strategic options to refine, adjust or overhaul the business model
  • Build the business case and implementation plan with the leadership team

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