Transformation Lessons:
Learn from the Best


Executing at scale and pace to deliver sustainable bottom-line value is incredibly difficult, and delivering step-change improvement requires challenging the status quo through the right mix of inspiring and challenging leadership.

In the MERU Transformation Series, Rob Montgomery shares what it takes to successfully transform your business based on his years of experience with similar situations.

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Video 1: Beating the Odds

In order to grow, you must be prepared for a radical change, especially when it comes to transforming your business. Overcoming the fear of failure is the first step towards success.

In this video, Rob shares how to stay optimistic throughout the entire improvement process, and how to execute an effective business transformation that's going to survive and thrive.

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Video 2: The Role of the CTO

A strategic transformation plan should always be handcrafted by an expert leadership team and carried out by a Chief Transformation Officer. The CTO is the glue that holds your business together while innovatively transforming it into a worthwhile success.

In this video, Rob shares some of the characteristics and qualities that make for a remarkable CTO.

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