Creating Value as the COVID Curve Flattens


The economic impact of COVID-19 has forced many companies to take drastic actions with far-reaching implications. While most are already addressing the critical need to stabilize and conserve cash, management teams need to progress their thinking forward and focus on how to deliver bottom-line results while protecting against uncertain demand and protracted operational challenges.

Over the last several weeks, MERU has been meeting with clients, sponsors and lenders to discuss what it is going to take for disrupted companies to deliver bottom-line results and even grow share. Our team has developed a detailed overview to help middle-market companies respond to the current crisis, and beyond: Creating Value as the COVID Curve Flattens, is filled with insights, including:

  • Why conserving cash alone could cost you in the end

  • Ten questions every management team needs to be able to answer

  • How to reinvigorate a ‘business as usual’ strategy to seek out new opportunities

  • The importance of communicating with stakeholders

  • And much more…


About MERU

MERU is a values-driven, impact-oriented team dedicated to fixing companies. Our approach is simple: we collaborate with management and sponsors, engaging subject matter experts throughout the process, and structuring our fees around successful outcomes. We believe our focused and agile approach, along with our complex turnaround experience, allow us to deliver superior results for our clients.

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