Stacy Montagner, Chief Talent & Growth Officer

Stacy Montagner brings a wealth of functional and operational experience and expertise to her role as Chief Talent and Growth Officer at MERU. In this capacity, she is responsible for spearheading MERU’s growth strategy, actively engaging in recruiting, M&A, marketing, and relationship cultivation. With a strong background in operations, executive search, and leading the implementation of strategic initiatives, she is poised to shape and drive MERU’s vision for internal and external growth and success.

Before joining MERU, Stacy honed her skills at the world’s leading management and leadership consulting firms where she played a pivotal part in transforming organizations, accelerating talent and teams, and establishing and nurturing external partnerships and collaborations. Her primary objective was to cultivate a culture of innovation and agility, while aligning talent with strategic objectives to foster the growth of emerging practices and functional areas. Simultaneously, Stacy cultivated strong relationships with clients, stakeholders, and industry influencers. Her ability to identify and nurture top talent, coupled with her deep understanding of the business services landscape, positions her as an invaluable asset in aiding MERU in building scalable teams and strengthening external connections and relationships ensuring that MERU maintains its position at the forefront of innovation, driving impactful client success and firm growth.

Stacy Montagner
Chief Talent & Growth Officer