Kathryn Dewing, Senior Director

Kathryn has extensive experience serving a diverse range of clients on operational turnarounds, salesforce optimization, international growth strategy and investment diligence. She has worked with companies in the USA, UK, Australia and East and West Africa. Industries served include energy, chemicals, education, financial services, hospitality and technology.

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Size of Company
Role and Impact
VC-backed Oil Services Provider

~$30M in revenue generating and ~$90M in cost saving opportunities in the areas of commercial sales, field operations, SG&A and external spend. Engaged with 40 employees across the company in designing and delivering initiatives to create this value.

Agricultural Cooperative

Conducted a $135M transformation program with a focus on revenue improvements from trading and cost reductions through procurement optimization and operational improvements across over 100 working sites around the country.

Media Company

$175M+ transformation focused on reshaping sales and channel strategy and reorganizing sales teams to compliment this. Streamlining of publications portfolio to make the overall portfolio more competitive.

Chemical Company

Developed a commercial growth strategy for commodity surfactants business. Focus on increasing volume through new market entries internationally.

Hospitality Company

Conducted due diligence to identify ~$80M in cost saving opportunities. Focus on outlet efficiency, external spend and organizational redesign.

Healthcare Logistics Company

Created a 13-week cash flow forecasting model to allow the customer insight into their cash operations and helped them to identify improvements to increase their working capital. Trained the customer to use the model to assist them in their ongoing cash flow monitoring.

Private University

Assessed the reasons for low application submissions, high attrition and low graduation rates across the university. Modeled the attributes of students most at risk of dropping out and worked with the university’s leadership to improve these rates. Created marketing and outreach strategies to improve the pipeline from application rates through to student acceptance.

Insurance Company

Identified operational improvements for current and past due debt collections. Redesigning the tiering of customers based on the likelihood and expected timeline of their debt payments. Refocusing the approach to customer engagement to reduce the time taken for each customer to make payments and thus the overall level of bad and doubtful debts.

Kathryn Dewing
Senior Director
New York